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Benefits of road safety education program for beginners

  • Using the knowledge , skills and attitudes you learn in driver training you decrease your chances of being involved in costly , harmful accidents that are sometimes fatal.
  • The Apollo driving school is recognized by AQTR and the insurance industry.
  • The Apollo Driving School is unique for its road safety education program(for the new generation of drivers).
  • Accessibility: We are open from Saturday to Thursday and closed on Friday.

24 hours theory sessions learned in our class room :

The Apollo driving school provides a safe and efficient environment. Our students are housed in a modern room with comfortable seating and modern facilities. Each student must complete theoretical classroom a total of 24 hours. Each session includes power point presentations and all class sessions should be followed in time to receive these credits.


15 hours of in-car sessions practice :

Our instructors are certified by AQTR and they were chosen not only for their ability to teach , but also for their patience and understanding. Our vehicles are fully insured and are carefully controlled for student safety.

All courses are conducted by car with a ” one -on- one” approach to ensure students a fun and learning environment free from any pressure. Re: to keep our high level of satisfaction, we encourage our customers to inform the instructors when something is wrong so that we can correct it.

Test and road test

The road test can be reserved after the end of the course , and the school can help students in this process. Test Drive (for eligible students) will be reserved only when the student is ready for it.

The car rental instructor for road test is available for a nominal fee. We reserve the right to assess the student by our teacher before the test on the road for quality and safety reasons.

There are several advantages of choosing our cars for the road test as the students feel more confident in the car in which they have learned.
Our vehicles are mechanically checked by the CAA every six months.